The Most Noble Reason For A Bank Robbery You’ve Ever Heard

In Salem, Massachusetts, a man was arrested and charged with stealing nearly 23,000 dollars in four separate bank robberies. When probed for a reason for his crime spree, 28-year-old Justin Hanlon had a unique response: he needed the money in order to pay back child support so that he could see his 5-year-old son again. He had lost his job six months ago and was deeply in debt. There are all sorts of problems created by our adversarial child support … Continue reading →

Pick Up YOur Kids ON Time . . . Or Else

In Salem, Oregon, Swegle Elementary School is having a problem with chronically late parents.  So they recently issued an ultimatum, sending out a letter to parents saying their children would be turned over to authorities and kept overnight if not picked up on time after school.  A spokesman for the school district, however, is back tracking, and says the letter was sent in error. … Continue reading →