Preschooler Killed By Shotgun Blast

In Chandler, Arizona, the life of a vibrant blond-haired, blue-eyed little girl was snuffed away because her father owned a gun…Yet another innocent victim in the long line of gun tragedy. Three-year-old Brook Sands was in the room with her father when a shotgun went off, hitting the preschooler in the stomach. Police weren’t real clear on the details of how it all happened, other than to say the incident was a tragic accident. The family called 911, but it … Continue reading →

It’s So Hot The Planes Won’t Fly

It’s been hot our west. So hot that weathermen now describe the day’s temperatures as either broil or bake. It reached a scorching 127 in death valley. To put this in perspective, I once read in a fire safety manual that air around 160 degrees or above could vaporize your lungs. We’re not that far off. In Phoenix, it was so hot that many airplane flights had to be cancelled. The reason? It seems that since internal combustion engines rely … Continue reading →

Extreme Punishment: Death Inside A Tiny Box

Child abuse is rarely about monsters and villains, but parents with poor child rearing skills who progressively spiral out of control. Many child abuse deaths arise out of abusive punishments taken too far. the testimony given in an Arizona trial this week is a tragic testament to this. Ame Deal was a 10-year-old girl who met her end in a most unimaginable way. It seems that when Amy misbehaved, her legal guardians, had a rather sadistic way of punishing her: … Continue reading →

Rottweiler Drags Toddler To His Death

In a tragic story our of Arizona, a trip to grandma’s house turned deadly for one toddler when he was mauled to death by her rottweiler. The one year old boy and his grandma were playing inside the house. When grandma opened the back door to put something outside, the dog barged in pushing her aside and heading straight to the grandson. Biting down on the toddler, he dragged the boy outside and mauled him, refusing to let the child … Continue reading →

Road Rage With A BB Gun

In Mesa, Arizona, a father and son who were on their way home from work were shot at twice with an airsoft BB gun in an apparent road rage incident. The other driver reportedly became angry because the man wasn’t driving fast enough for her. A woman from Apache Junction was charged with aggravated assault and endangerment. (I wonder how fast they’ll be in processing her into jail.) I’m just thankful that all she had was a BB gun. … Continue reading →

Mother Drowns Kids In A Bathtub

An Arizona mother with a history of mental illness was arrested for drowning her twin sons, both two years old, in a bathtub.  She was also in the process of trying to drown a 3-year-old relative when the boy’s mother stumbled upon what was going on and manged to fight her off.  He survived. The woman, 22-year-old Mireya Lopez, has a history of mental illness.  she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was on 8 different types of medication.  The Doctors … Continue reading →