Bullets Dropping From The Sky
In Memphis, Tennessee, a 9-year-old child was hit in the head with a bullet during  a 4th-of-July party at Tom Lee Park.  Police said a bullet from a high powered rifle hit the child’s head, and then struck a 33 year-old woman before landing on the blanket.  The round did not pierce the skin of either, likely because it had lost its velocity and was free-falling from the sky – but I’m sure it hurt non the less. (USA Today  7-7-2008, p. 8A)

Girl Shot in Car
In Washington, DC, a 10 year old girl was recovering after being shot in the leg while sitting in the car on New York Avenue & Fenwick Street about 3:30 in the morning.  Police believe it was a stray bullet.  (USA Today 5-9-2012, p. 7A)


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