When Roosters Attack

It started off as a routing trip to the Metro Richmond Zoo in Richmond, Virginia. It ended with a bloody 2-year-old girl being treated at a hospital. Charles Sherman was enjoying a trip to the zoo with his daughter when a rooster attacked the little girl, cutting his daughter, Chloe, on the face, stomach, and arms. No word on what prompted the attack. Zoo director Jim Andelin says the rooster was relocated to a farm after the incident. So I … Continue reading →

Road Hazards

Police Cruzier Kills Girl In Carroll County, Georgia, two teenage girls lost their life when the car they were in was broadsided by a state patrol trooper. Not Drunk, Just Concussed In Richmond, Virginia, it turns out that a man initially suspected of drunk driving when he drove his car up onto the city’s bike race course was actually suffering a concussion. He had no blood alcohol in his system. One Very Lucky Girl In Aberdeen, Idaho, police are investigating … Continue reading →