The Shoot-em-up Society

In the wake of the mass shooting at Umtqua Community College in Oregon, police in California say they have arrested 4 students in a plot to attack Summerville High School in Tuolumne. Tuolumne county sheriff Jim Mele said the students confessed and when asked to elaborate, he says that their plan was “to come on campus and shoot as many people as possible.” Authorities were alerted to the plot on Wednesday after school administrators became aware of students making threats … Continue reading →

No Super Heroes At School!

In a recent internet story, a little girl named Laura did what a lot of kids her age do — she put her lunch¬† in a Wonder Woman lunch box and took it to school. She was then sent home with a note, explaining she had violated the school’s dress code and zero tolerance stance toward violence.¬† It read: “The dress code we have established request that the children do not bring violent images into the building in any fashion … Continue reading →

Girl Killed In Gang Related Robbery

November/December 2007 It was the kind of knock on the door at night that everyone fears. Such late night callers rarely bring good news. When Leo Cisneros, or “Mickey” as he is known on the streets, answered the door on November 26, 2007, he says he encountered two men who were there to Rob him. When they pulled out guns and opened fire, family members say Mickey pulled his gun and returned fire. Bullets started flying everywhere. Leo Cisneros and … Continue reading →