Reviving Your Baby By Sticking Her In The Fridge

Pancaked parents can do some strange things. In Melissa, Texas, Michael Thedford apparently left his 6 month old daughter in a hot car. By the time he realized his mistake, the baby was unresponsive. So he tried to revive her . . . by putting the baby in the refrigerator before calling 911. If only reviving a child were that simple. I wish we lived in a world where every drowning victim could be revived by pulling them out of … Continue reading →

Boy Dies In Pit Bull Attack

Tanner Smith, just shy of his 6th birthday, was attacked by two pit bulls in the yard of his mothers friend. He was bitten at least 16 times, many of which were in his neck. Tanner’s mother had brought him with her to visit her friend. She thought her friends father, the owner of the dogs was in the yard with her son. When she realized her mistake, it was too late. Tanner was rushed to the hospital in nearby … Continue reading →

Rescuing A Girl In The Glass Arcade Game

In Frisco, Texas, a 6-year-old girl and her sister were admiring one of those claw arcade games; you know, the type where you put in the money and then try to grab a toy with a metal claw to win that prize. That’s when her older sister apparently dared her to crawl through the small opening so they could help themselves to the loot. She did, and astonishingly, was able to make inside. Not so astonishingly, she found she couldn’t … Continue reading →

Build A Clock, Go To Jail

Fourteen-year-old Ahmed Mohamed just wanted to show off his cool invention: a clock he had made from spare parts salvaged from home.  He had planned on showing it to his engineering teacher, and maybe even getting a pat on the back. Instead he got cuffed with his hands behind his back. It seems that school officials at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, found the device to be suspicious. After plugging it into an outlet, the device started to make … Continue reading →

Two Girls Die In School Bus Crash

In Houston, Texas, a school bus that was ferrying students to Furr High School swerved to avoid another car an ended up driving off a highway overpass. Witnesses say the bus did a nose dive and flipped before landing on it’s side along the embankment below. Two students were killed in the accident: a 17-year-old girl died at the scene, and a 13-year-old girl died shortly thereafter at a local hospital. Two other students and the driver were hospitalized with … Continue reading →

And Jesus said: Thou Shall ‘Cap His *ss!’

In Dayton, Texas, a minister was sleeping in his church office early last week when he heard an intruder. It was around 6:15am, too learly for anyone to be in the building.  This being Texas, everyone has a gun (I think they hand them out at birth), so naturally the  churches are packing as well. So after being roused from his sleep, Benny Holmes, a pastor at the Church of New Beginnings, grabbed a gun and went to investigate. He … Continue reading →

Alligator Attack in Texas

Officials in Wallisville, Texas, have decided to ban swimming at a lake after a 13-year-old boy and his father were attacked by an alligator there.  Such attacks are surprisingly uncommon in the United States.  Unlike crocodiles, North American alligators tend to stay away from humans, and serious attacks are extremely rare.