Father Microwaves His Daughter

7-2007 A 19 year old Texas man stands accused of child abuse after allegedly burning his 2-month-old daughter. The child suffered burns to her face after being put in a microwave oven. Joshua Royce Mauldin was indicted on a charge of felony injury to a child. The young father told police that he was sent by God to be a preacher in Galveston. The child has undergone a second skin graft that was performed by University of Texas Medical Branch … Continue reading →

Satan To Blame For Microwaved Baby

5-22-07 The mother of a baby who received serious burns after being microwaved by her father, told a Houston television station, KHOU, that Satan was to blame for her husbands actions. Maurie Mauldin, 20, stated that the devil “saw my husband as a threat” due to the fact that he was trying to become a preacher. The baby girl was released from the hospital after 11 days. She had received the burns after being placed in the microwave oven of … Continue reading →