Bullets Flying At Day Care Centers

When you drop your kids off at child care, you might expect a toy or two to be flying around, but certainly not bullets. Yet that’s exactly what happened in Calumet City, Illinois. A 47-year-old day care worker was going about her normal routine when a bullet flew through the window at the facility, striking her in the face and injury that sent her to the hospital. Needles to say the woman wasn’t the intended target. It’s just one more … Continue reading →

Beware: Bullets From Above

Most people stuck by stray bullets are on the same level as the person doing the shooting. But bullets don’t just travel left or right, they can also go up or doen. A Providence, Rhode Island man found this out the hard way when he was struck in the shoulder in his own home by a stray bullet that had been fired from the apartment above him. Thankfully, the 20-yera-old man is expected to recover. … Continue reading →