‘Friendly’ Fox Attacks Toddler

6-24-07 This female red fox considered a west Denver neighborhood it’s home. She had set up a den and was raising two pups. Local residents often fed her, and this fox was such a community regular that she had even been nicknamed “Foxy” by the local children. Up until Sunday, her biggest crime had been snatching a pair of leather gloves from a local resident doing her yard work. But that day, for no apparent reason, Foxy attacked, biting a … Continue reading →

Infant Dies After Pacifier Taped To His Mouth

6-19-07 A Lake Stevens, Washington woman was charged with manslaughter in the death of her 4-month-old son. Bail was set at $500,000. Bonnie M. Desmond, 19, told authorities that she had taped a pacifier to the infants mouth to keep it from falling out. The youngster ended up suffocating after the tape obstructed his airway. … Continue reading →

Napping 3-Year-Old Falls From Second Story Window

June 14,2007 A 3-year-old girl accidentally fell from a second story in her Greely, Colorado home, when she apparently leaned against the insect screen of her bedroom window while taking a nap. It was unclear whether the child was sleeping at the time of the accident or had awoken before she fell. Her condition is unknown, but she was conscious and breathing when she was taken to North Colorado Medical Center, according to Dale Lyman, a Union Colony Fire Rescue … Continue reading →

Tip Gives Map of Where 4-Year-Old is Buried

June 14, 2007 The parents of 4-year-old Madeleine McCann, who was abducted from her hotel room May 3rd while taking a nap, rebuked the media for publishing details about an anonymous tip regarding their daughters whereabouts. A Dutch newspaper received the anonymous tip and published it in their June 13,2007 paper, while also forwarding the letter to authorities. The tip was then widely reported on throughout other media outlets. The anonymous tip contained a map showing a remote location in … Continue reading →

Child Survives 2 Days Naked In The Woods

6-15-07 A 5-year-old girl shocked searchers on Friday, when she emerged from the woods in the nude and holding raspberries. The child was scratched and naked, but otherwise OK. She had been feared dead after being swept away while boating with her grandfather Wednesday evening. Search crews had pulled the body of her grandfather from the Kankakee River in eastern Illinois just hours earlier. Hannah Klamecki’s wounds included scratches on her face and body, and thick dirt underneath her nails. … Continue reading →

Children Left Unattended Start Fatal House Fire

6-12-07 A fire that was started by kids playing with matches, raced through a three story row house, killing 5 children, who ranged in ages from three to seven. Their bodies were found on the second floor, where the fire apparently started. Two 8-year-old children managed to escape without injury. Neighbor Sontoya Perry, 22, said she could hear the children screaming inside the house as the fire engulfed them, but was unable to help because the steps leading to the … Continue reading →

Girl Hospitalized After Hitting Her Head While Riding Teacups

June 2007 In a sobering example of how precarious head injuries can be, and how innocent the activity can be which causes them, a 13-year-old girl earned a trip to the intensive care unit, after hitting her head while riding the teacups at a local amusement park. Most people are familiar with the classic children’s ride, usually found in the kiddie section of fairs and amusement parks. You sit on it and spin yourself around while it spins around. It … Continue reading →

2 Brothers Die After Locking Themselves in Trunk

6-10-07 A game turned tragic for two young brothers, who accidentally locked themselves in the trunk of their parents car, while trying to hide inside it. They were later found dead, and the cause of death was likely suffocation or heat exposure, according to Kentucky state police. … Continue reading →

Mexico To Test Public School Kids For Drugs

June 2007 Mexican President Felipe Calderon announced that he would like to implement a program to test thousands of public school students for drugs as part of a stepped up effort against drug trafficking. The tests would require parental permission, and would be performed in 8,000 public schools initially. He would like to eventually expand the program nationwide. “It’s not to punish them, but to help them overcome that problem,” Calderon stated at a speech in Monterrey. The program “will … Continue reading →

5 Family Members Killed in Motel Fire

June 2007 The bodies of 5 family members were found huddled in and near a bath-tub after a fire broke out at their suburban Atlanta motel. Among the dead were 2 men, a woman, and 2 children. Six more people were hospitalized, including three firefighters, a 14-year-old girl, and two other patrons staying at the Budget Inn in Riverdale. An off-duty police officer who was passing by saw the flames and reported the fire early in the morning. It was … Continue reading →