Teen Girl Dies Falling From A Rope Swing

In Pickens County, South Carolina, state officials recently announced they were taking over the investigation into the death of 16-year-old Olivia Grimes, who fell to her death from a rope swing at Christian Summer Camp on Sassafras Mountain July 14, 2015. The teen was part of the “Freebird” adventure event.  She was attached to a pendulum rope swing by a harness that failed in some manner, and she dropped more than 100 feet.  Emergency crews failed to revive her. … Continue reading →

Cases of Kids Getting Arrested at School

In Florida, a 12-year-old boy was arrested for farting in school. Arresting officer Warren Pettway was summoned to the school by a teacher, who said that the boy was disrupting his classroom environment by breaking wind and shutting off several computers. After the boy confessed, Pettway said, “I informed him as a result of his behavior he was being charged with disruption of a school function.” The perp was later released to his mother. (The Week, 12-5-08, p.8) *A class … Continue reading →

Statistics on Building-Vehicle Accidents

1.  There are 60+ car crashes each day in the U.S. that involve a vehicle crashing into a building. 2.  The causes of these accident: Gas pedal error (pushing gas when meant to break): 35% Driver error (distraction, excessive speed): 19% DUI: 19% Traffic related: 11% Vehicle emergencies: 8% (Source: Storefront Safety Council / Rob Reiter Analysis of Crashes into Commercial Buildings) … Continue reading →

Children Injured Or Killed in Bounce House Accidents

Memorial Day, 2015 In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a sudden weather change sent  a waterspout ashore rapidly and without warning, bringing forceful winds that have been estimated at between 65 and 85 miles per hour. After it came ashore on the Florida beach, it hit an inflated bouncy castle, tossing it into the air and sending three children to the hospital. All 3 children were under 8 years old, and each fell from the bouncy house onto the sand as it … Continue reading →

Tug-Of-War Nearly Takes Off The Hand Of Two Teens

10-12-07 A friendly game of Tug-of-war nearly severed the hands of two teenage boys during festivities at a school’s homecoming in Parker, Colorado. Reverend Julian Clausen, principal of Lutheran High School of the Rockies, said the official tug-of-war game had ended, but several students continued playing with the rope. Parker police said the tug-of-war was a match between some of the high schools senior football players and some junior varsity members. Both boys suffered extremely deep lacerations from the rope … Continue reading →

Police Charge Girls for Inciting ‘Food Fight’

January 2008 There are some serious young criminals out there. Kids who sell drugs. Teens that kill their parents. Junior high school students planning the next Columbine. And of course, the biggest menace of all … 13-year-old French fry chucker’s. In yet another display of the justice system intruding into public schools in the most ridiculous ways, police in Laramie, Wyoming charged three 13-year-old Laramie High School students for “hurling missiles” under a city ordinance intended to prevent the inciting … Continue reading →

Mom Found Guilty Of Allowing Baby’s Death

12-21-07 A twelve person jury found a young woman, Molly Midyette, guilty of knowing and reckless child abuse resulting in the death of her 10-week-old son, though she isn’t accused of causing the injuries and claims she didn’t know about them. The woman cried as she was led out of court in handcuffs. She faces a mandatory 16 to 48 years in prison. Her husband, Alex, who is accused of inflicting the injuries, remains free on bond and still faces … Continue reading →

3-Year-Old Dies After Hitting Head On Coffee Table

12-20-07 A freak accident just a few days before Christmas left a 3-year-old dead and emergency personnel trying to piece together exactly what happened. The boy likely died from bleeding in the brain caused from an acute blow to the head. The preschooler was running around the room in his Mesa, Arizona home, when he tripped and fell forward, hitting his head on a coffee table.  His mother tended to his injury, and afterwards he seemed to be OK.  She … Continue reading →

Man Committing Suicide Lands On Family Car

11-3-2007 A man climbed atop a bridge on U.S. 6 in Denver, Colorado, in an attempt to commit suicide. While standing on the bridge, witnesses said he appeared to be having second thoughts, when he lost his balance and slipped. He tried to grab the edge of the bridge, but couldn’t keep his grip. He plummeted to the highway below, crashing through the back window of a car with 3 children inside. “The children were traumatized,” said Lt. Phil Champagne, … Continue reading →