Strange, Unusual, or Just Plain Bizarre Animal Attacks

Cow Attacks Deputy in Street In Bullard, Texas, a sheriff’s deputy was seriously injured when a cow attacked him while he was directing traffic. Deputy Robert Britton, 54, was responding to a call of a cow hit by a vehicle. While he was trying to direct traffic away from the animal, the cow charged him, knocking him into the air. He was hospitalized in critical condition. (USA Today, 3-25-2011, 7A) Moose Attacks Boy at Bus Stop In Anchorage, Alaska, a … Continue reading →

Father Kills 300 Pound Black Bear

With Single Blow 6-23-07 Chris Everhart (Who happened to be an ex-marine), was camping in the Chatahoochee National Forest, located in Northern Georgia, with his three sons. All was well, until a fifth visitor decided to crash the party … a 300-pound black bear. The bear entered their campsite, rummaged through some stuff, and was heading back to the woods with the family’s cooler, when the youngest of the three sons, 6-year-old Logan, hurled a shovel at the large furry … Continue reading →

Children & Adults Attacked by Mountain Lions

Child Pulled From Jaws of Mountain Lion In Albuquerque, New Mexico, a five year old boy was hospitalized with puncture wounds to his neck, head, and back after an apparent mountain lion attack.  The family was hiking in the Sandia Mountains when the animal attacked.  The parents saw it trying to drag the child away, but it let him go when the father gave chase.  (USA Today, 5-19-2008, p. 5A) Fact:  Over two thirds of cougar (mountain lion) attacks occur … Continue reading →

Coyote Attacks Against Children

Rabid Coyote Attacks Girl At Bus Stop In Tacolet, North Carolina, a 9-year-old-girl is recuperating after being attacked by a rabid coyote while waiting at the school bus stop.  Neighbors saw the incident and came out to help the girl.  Ashton Crowe, and she was able to run to safety.  A teenager kicked the coyote and held it down while his grandfather shot it.  The coyote later tested positive for rabies.  (USA Today, 2-15-2009, p 6A … Continue reading →

Children Attacked or Killed By Dogs

Toddler Mauled in Neighbor’s Backyard In Fort Yukon, Alaska, a one-and-a-half-year-old toddler was killed by a dog after the boy wandered across the street and entered a neighbor’s backyard.  Police say the boy apparently got too close to the dog while it was eating. The child’s father took the boy to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.  Police shot and killed the husky-mix.  (USA Today, 4-30-2008, p. 9A) … Continue reading →

Moose Attacks 8-year-old Boy

5-25-07 An Alaskan police officer shot and killed a female moose, after it tried to trample an 8-year-old boy. The child was outside playing between houses when the moose appeared and charged, said police spokesman Lt. Paul Honeman. The boy was kicked by the moose, but suffered only minor injuries. The moose had with her twin calves, whom she had likely given birth to within the past week. The child, the moose, and the calves were cornered between homes in … Continue reading →

Kids Watch As Python Eats Pet

2-25-08 Two children got quite a scare outside their home in Queensland, Australia, after a 16-foot python devoured their pet dog. The boy and girl, ages 5 and 7, stood helpless and horrified as the snake ate their silky terrier-Chihuahua. The family had seen the snake in the dog’s bed before, a sign that the snake was purposefully stalking the pet. They said it had been lurking around the home for several days, Stuart Douglas, who owns the Australian Venom … Continue reading →

Little Girl Mauled To Death By Family Dog

11-5-2007 Two Arizona parents were mourning the death of their young daughter, after she was mauled to death by the family pet. Four-year-old Tori Whitehurst was playing alone in her backyard when she was attacked by the family’s 80 pound American Bulldog. Police responded to the scene, and had to shoot the animal five times before being able to rescue the child. Sadly, it was too late, and little Tori died from her injuries. As is almost always the case … Continue reading →

Toddler Hospitalized from Squirrel Bite

8-17-07 A 3-year-old boy was taken to Children’s Hospital in Colorado, after being bit on the finger by a squirrel. The bite caused a small puncture wound, which the boy said was making him sick. The squirrel was reported to be injured and dying. Health officials retrieved the squirrel, and tests were being conducted to see whether or not the animal was infected.

‘Friendly’ Fox Attacks Toddler

6-24-07 This female red fox considered a west Denver neighborhood it’s home. She had set up a den and was raising two pups. Local residents often fed her, and this fox was such a community regular that she had even been nicknamed “Foxy” by the local children. Up until Sunday, her biggest crime had been snatching a pair of leather gloves from a local resident doing her yard work. But that day, for no apparent reason, Foxy attacked, biting a … Continue reading →