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In Genesee, Colorado, a local babysitter, Sharon Molloy, is being called a hero after she defends 3-year-old Jack Melichar for a savage dog attack.

When two black dogs showed up on the family deck, Sharon and the boys, Jack and his 8-year-old brother went out to shoo the dogs home.  Like any exuberant 3-year-old, Jack was running.  One of the dogs then attacked him.

Sharon began trying to pull the dog off him, and it turned on her. Two neighbors tried to stop the dogs attack of her, using rakes and water hoses.  By the time the fire department arrived, the dogs had gone home.  But Sharon Had received deep bite wounds, exposing bones on her arm and her leg.  Jack also had some deep wounds, and needed about 36 stitches on his left leg.

Lieutenant Lisa Pinto, with the Genesee Fire Department, said “This was a pretty savage dog attack.”  She also called Sharon a hero. 1 The dogs are now under quarantine for 10 days.

It is impossible to tell when dogs might attack.  If we do not know the dog, it is best to keep our distance.  Click her to learn more about dog safety.

1. Fox 31 Denver News


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