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Painting Donkeys Into Zebras
In 2010, a Gaza Zoo made headlines when it used masking tape and black hair dye to paint a donkey and turn it into a zebra after an Israeli embargo prevented them from getting the real thing. “The children don’t know,” said Mohammad Dargouthi, “and they are happy to see something new.” Yet another reason to feel sorry for the poor children of Palestine, as if another reason were really needed.

Cat Causes Mercury Scare
In Greeley, Colorado, a frisky cat ended up knocking over a vile that contained about 2 tsp. Of Mercury, prompting a response by the Greeley Fire Department HazMat  Unit. (2/3/2014)  Though no one was hurt in the incident, it’s a reminder that if you have pets, make sure that candles, space heaters, and any other potentially hazardous items aren’t left in a spot where an animal
could knock them over.

Owl Attack
In Salem, Organ, a man was attacked by an owl while on his morning run in the city center park.  Fifty eight year old Ron Jaecks said the attack, which was believed to have been perpetrated by a great horned owl, felt like being hit by lightening. (1/20/2015)


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