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Safety specialists are known for saying: “If there is a way for kids to injure themselves with it, they’ll find that way.” We can now add ‘butter knives’ to the growing list of thought-to-be-safe items, after a Vancouver, Washington boy managed to get one imbedded into his head.

Of course, they were doing something they shouldn’t at the time-playing with knives. But hey, they were butter knives, they figured. What could possibly go wrong? They were tossing them around, probably throwing them down into the grass, when the neighbor boy he was playing with figured, “what’s the harm in throwing one at him?”

So he did, and of course he proceeded to find out that the harm was that it might end up breaking the skin and embedding itself in the boys head. Young Tyler was rushed to the hospital, where doctors were pleased to find out that it hadn’t actually penetrated the skull, but punctured the skin and wedged itself between the skull & scalp. After having the knife removed and being patched up with a few stitches, Tyler’s father says he is no worse for the ware because of it and calls the accident “no big deal.”  Police interviewed the other boy and decided not to bring any charges
after determining the injury was an accident and that no maliciousness was intended.


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