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Twenty-six-year-old Heather Nicole Berg, the mother of a kindergartner at Church Hill Elementary School, was charged with assault for allegedly pointing a cap-gun at kids in her child’s
kindergarten class. She was also banned from the school for a year.

The incident happened on a Tuesday, just one day after the deadly shootings at Virginia Tech. Heather was in the classroom to pay for an upcoming field trip. Witnesses report that she pulled the gun out of her purse and pointed it at the kids when the teacher turned her back. It scared several of the children and an assistant teacher.

“The morn walked in toward the middle of the classroom, and the
teacher heard this click, click, click, click-like four to six times,”
reported the school principle, Jean Heise. “A teacher’s assistant
witnessed her take a gun and point it directly toward four to five
kids. With everything that’s happened the last couple of days, (the assistant) was just in shock.”

Church Hill Police and Hawkins County school officials met with the woman before charging her with misdemeanor assault. She faces up to a year in prison and a maximum fine of $2,500.


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