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Kids grow up so fast these days, don’t they? One day you’re driving them to Kindergarten, the next day they’re driving themselves to the local hang out spot…literally. In Broomfield, Colorado, a famished 6-year-old apparently snatched his grand-mothers car keys, moved his car-seat to the front drivers side, and settled himself behind the steering wheel. The boy then tried to drive himself to the local Applebee’s restaurant for some grub.

He didn’t make it too far.

It’s apparently difficult to drive a car when you’re six, especially
when you’re unable to get the darn thing out of reverse. Driving
backwards, the boy backed into a transformer, knocking out
electricity and phone service to dozens of townhomes in his
neighborhood, a suburb of North Denver. Thankfully, nobody was injured. Accident investigators still can’t seem to figure out how the youngster reached the accelerator.

After the accident, the boy got out of the car and went to tell his
grandmother what had happened. Police said that no charges will be filed in the incident. There was no word on how the boy intended to pay for his meal.


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