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One of the bigger oxymoron’s the media uses is the term “non-violent drug offenders.” Whatever you may think about drug use, the reality is that drug users are far more dangerous to kids than sex offenders, both in terms of the harm they cause and the life/death threat they pose. Here are some recent examples of this:

Grandmother Gets High, Leaves Baby to Drown

In Whitewater Township, Ohio, a 42-year-old grandmother is in hot water after her infant grandson was found unconscious in the bathtub. The grandmother is accused of getting high on heroine while caring for the child. At the time of this writing, the infant remained in critical condition at Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center.

Methadone Overdose

In Fort Myers, Florida, a 1-year-old boy ended up partially blind and can no longer crawl after drinking his mother’s liquid methadone.

Man Sentenced in Five-Year-Old Girls Death

In Des Moines, Iowa, a local man received a 65 year prison sentence for his partial role in the death of a 5-year-old girl who died from a morphine overdose. He pleaded guilty to child endangerment and several other drug-related felonies in the October 7, 2014 death of Jayda Canida.


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