Assault With A Paper Airplane

It seems our nation’s schools are rapidly becoming humorless police zones. Here’s yet another example: In Andrews, South Carolina, a high school student was charged with assault for allegedly throwing a paper airplane that struck a teacher in the eye. The charge could land the student in jail for up to a month. Local news reported that the teacher had recently undergone eye surgery. Still, must we constantly overreact to every little incident of student shenanigance with a hard-handed response … Continue reading →

No Super Heroes At School!

In a recent internet story, a little girl named Laura did what a lot of kids her age do — she put her lunch¬† in a Wonder Woman lunch box and took it to school. She was then sent home with a note, explaining she had violated the school’s dress code and zero tolerance stance toward violence.¬† It read: “The dress code we have established request that the children do not bring violent images into the building in any fashion … Continue reading →

Child Suspended for “huffing” Non-Toxic Marker

4-3-08 Curse those elementary school druggies. Such an eyesore on society. Walking around in their hippie clothing, talking all that drug lingo. Always looking for new ways to get high. Always in denial. “I’m not a drug addict, I’m only eight years old,” …blah, blah, blah. Or at least that seems to be the sentiment of school staff in Westminster, Colorado, who suspended an 8-year-old boy for sniffing a non-toxic marker. It all started when 8-year-old Eathan Harris was sitting … Continue reading →

Second-Grader Draws Gun, Gets Suspended

10-19-2007 A stick figure with a gun earned second-grader Kyle Walker, 7, a one day school suspension this week in Dennis Township, New Jersey. He was cited for violating the school districts zero-tolerance policy on guns, according to his mother, Shirley McDevitt. Kyle had apparently showed the drawing to another child on the school-bus. That child went home and talked about it with his parents, who in turn complained to school officials. A photocopy of the drawing reportedly showed two … Continue reading →