Death By Peanut

In Littleton, Colorado, a teenage boy died after accidentally eating something with peanuts. Sixteen-year-old Simon Katz was attending a home-coming week bonfire at Chatfield High School, and apparently consumed a treat containing peanuts.  He later died at an area hospital. Though relatively rare, around 100 people die each year from similar allergic reactions, most of them to food allergies. Some people are so sensitive that even trace amounts can be lethal. Case in point: one teenage girl died after kissing … Continue reading →

Teens Swept Away In Flooded Creek

In Brecksville, Ohio, 3 teenagers had to be rescued after being swept away by strong currents in the flooded waters of Chippewa Creek Gorge. The 3 teens, two girls and a boy, had wondered into a no-swimming zone when they were swept away. All were able to climb onto longs about 100 feet downstream before rescueres could get to them. These teens were lucky, but your kids might not be. Be sure to teach them about water safety. … Continue reading →

Teenager Killed By Lightning

June 2007 A Virginian teen who was fishing with his brother, was struck by lightning and killed after getting caught in a thunderstorm. Jeremy Mosebrook, 14, and his 16 year old brother left their fishing poles at the pond as the storm moved in over them. But they could not get to safety soon enough. Jeremy was struck by a bolt of lightning as the brothers ran through an open hayfield to find shelter. Efforts to revive the boy proved … Continue reading →