Road Rage With A BB Gun

In Mesa, Arizona, a father and son who were on their way home from work were shot at twice with an airsoft BB gun in an apparent road rage incident. The other driver reportedly became angry because the man wasn’t driving fast enough for her. A woman from Apache Junction was charged with aggravated assault and endangerment. (I wonder how fast they’ll be in processing her into jail.) I’m just thankful that all she had was a BB gun. … Continue reading →

Preschooler Killed in Road Rage Incident

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, 4-year-old Lily Garcia lost her life after being shot in a road rage incident. The girl was traveling down the interstate with her father and 7-year-old brother. Both kids were sitting in the backseat of her family’s red pick-up. That’s when her father got into an altercation with another driver. One car apparently cut off the other, and the other returned the favor. That started an ongoing feud that lasted around 2 minutes. The incident ended … Continue reading →