Shooting a Man Over A Chainsaw

In Taylorsville, North Carolina, authorities say a man who tried to steal a chainsaw from a power equipment store was shot in the head by the store clerk. Officially, this will probably go down as a “justifiable” shooting, since it occurred during the commission of a crime. Yet it’s, another example of how trigger happy gun owners seem all too eager for the opportunity to try and kill someone.  (April 28, 2015)   … Continue reading →

Tots Die After Trapping Themselves In Car

In Manns Harbor, North Carolina, two young sisters lost their life after they apparently climbed into a neighbor’s vehicle but were unable to get themselves out. The two toddlers, ages 18 months and 2 years, were reported missing on Friday. A sheriff’s deputy discovered the children in the back seat of the hot car about 30 minutes later. The incident remained under investigation. (USA Today, 6-30-2008, 8A)       … Continue reading →

A New Way To Protect Children Getting On & Off The School bus

In Raleigh, North Carolina, the Wake County Public School District is testing a new way for students to get on and off the school bus. A bar swings out in front of the bus to indicate that it is safe to cross the street, sorta like those gates we see at a checkpoint.  The kids have to wait until the bus driver swings out the bar, signaling it is safe to cross the street. After following child safety issues for … Continue reading →

Two Kids Wounded By Separate Shark Attacks On Same Beach

On a beach in North Carolina, two teens were attacked by sharks in separate incidents less than 90 minutes apart from each other.  In the first incident a 12-year-old girl from Asheboro, North Carolina was bitten on her arm. Shortly thereafter a 16-year-old boy from Colorado Springs was attacked in an almost identical incident just two miles away. Both kids were airlifted to hospitals with life threatening injuries.  In each case the shark had severed their arm and took it … Continue reading →