Three-year-old birthday Girl Killed At Her Party

In a tragic story our of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a 3-year-old girl who was celebrating her birthday this past Saturday didn’t live to make four. While at her party, she ran into the street to greet a relative who had just arrived and was struck and killed by a passing car. This story is a tragic reminder of two things: It’s never too early to start talking with kids about street safety. You can find free resources at, including our … Continue reading →

Preschooler Hit By Car At Birthday Party

3-30-08 A 3-year-old Arizona boy was hit by a truck while playing outside at a birthday party. The boy apparently ran out into the street while playing among friends and was struck. Several other children at the party witnessed the accident. The boy was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. He received serious head injuries, but emergency personnel reported he was crying and responsive on the way to the hospital. Doctors later upgraded his condition to stable and expected … Continue reading →