Mother Sues School Over Son’s Treatment

In Hendersonville, Tennessee, a mother launched a lawsuit against Sumner County Schools over an incident that saw her special-needs child arrested and placed in a juvenile detention cell. She claims that restraining him in a chair with belts and straps caused severe bruising.  (Jan. 2015)   … Continue reading →

Cases of Kids Getting Arrested at School

In Florida, a 12-year-old boy was arrested for farting in school. Arresting officer Warren Pettway was summoned to the school by a teacher, who said that the boy was disrupting his classroom environment by breaking wind and shutting off several computers. After the boy confessed, Pettway said, “I informed him as a result of his behavior he was being charged with disruption of a school function.” The perp was later released to his mother. (The Week, 12-5-08, p.8) *A class … Continue reading →

Knife Incident at School Lands Model Student in Juvenile Hall

A personal story submitted November 2011 My daughter is 12 years old and used to attend a middle school in XXXX ISD in Texas. In early October a boy that she goes to school with came to our house and told my child that he’d heard a rumor that she was going to get “jumped” (beat up) after school. He handed her a pocket knife and told her to keep it on her at all times. The knife had been … Continue reading →

Police Charge Girls for Inciting ‘Food Fight’

January 2008 There are some serious young criminals out there. Kids who sell drugs. Teens that kill their parents. Junior high school students planning the next Columbine. And of course, the biggest menace of all … 13-year-old French fry chucker’s. In yet another display of the justice system intruding into public schools in the most ridiculous ways, police in Laramie, Wyoming charged three 13-year-old Laramie High School students for “hurling missiles” under a city ordinance intended to prevent the inciting … Continue reading →