Boy Gets Stuck In Washer

2-3-08 We tell kids to stay out of small places for good reason. Most of the time, the stories we follow of children climbing into dishwashers or fridges end with funeral arrangements. But there’s another reason not to climb into such things: you can get stuck. A 4-year-old Ohio boy found that out the hard way over the weekend, after climbing into his family’s top-loading washing machine. Little Donovon Hasseman found himself wedged up against the agitator (dutifully named) with … Continue reading →

Tongues Really Do Stick To Flagpoles

1-25-08 Nothing you see on TV is real, right? That’s what two fourth-graders in Indiana thought when they mimicked a scene from the movie “a Christmas story,” betting that their tongues wouldn’t really stick to a cold flagpole if they licked it. Turns out, some things you see on TV really are true! The two boys, Gavin Dempsey and James Alexander, were on flag duty at Jackson Elementary school one chilly Friday morning. They were in charge of rising and … Continue reading →

3-Year-Old Dies After Hitting Head On Coffee Table

12-20-07 A freak accident just a few days before Christmas left a 3-year-old dead and emergency personnel trying to piece together exactly what happened. The boy likely died from bleeding in the brain caused from an acute blow to the head. The preschooler was running around the room in his Mesa, Arizona home, when he tripped and fell forward, hitting his head on a coffee table.  His mother tended to his injury, and afterwards he seemed to be OK.  She … Continue reading →