Dogs on Meth

In Jackson County, Florida, a man thought his dog was sick, so the took him to the vet. He was shaking constantly, pacing & panting, and overall acting unusual. The vet examined his dog, whose name is Little Guy. When the animal tested positive for methamphetamine’s, the man was arrested for animal cruelty. I’ll be honest, I find this case a little bit disturbing. All drug use can lead to some kind of second hand exposure. Are we really going … Continue reading →

Children Never Make It Home From Camping Trip

It was a horrific wreck, a mid-day crash that killed 8 people, among them four young girls. At first police weren’t quite sure why 36-year-old Diane Schuler was driving the wrong way on the highway. Just half-an-hour before the crash, Diane had pulled over to phone her brother, Warren Hance, to say she was feeling disoriented and had trouble seeing. Doing the brotherly thing and concerned for the welfare of the 5 children she had in the car with her, … Continue reading →

Man Tries To Exchange Kindergartner For Meth

9-19-07 A 5-year-old Colorado girl who was abducted earlier in the  month, was retrieved safe and sound in Aurora the other day.  The child had been taken by her mothers ex-husband. She was recaptured when her abductor tried to arrange the return of the child in exchange for Methamphetamine. Instead of getting his drugs, Virgil Kosmicki was arrested on the exchange, greeted by the FBI. They returned the little girl to  her  mother  without  incident.  She  was  unharmed. Kosmicki was … Continue reading →