More Interesting Things That Have Happened Recently

Dodging Beehives in California In Coronado, California, in mid-September, residents were sent scrambling when a beehive fell from a tree releasing an angry swarm that terrorized the neighborhood.  At leas 6 people were stung, including police officers who responded to the scene. Leaving A Million Dollars Laying Around In Kentwood, Michigan, a woman who had won a 1 million dollar prize in the Michigan lottery left the ticket in a pile of mail for months and forgot about it, and … Continue reading →

Driving Drunk & Then Forgetting Your Son

We’re used to seeing a lot of stories involving kids accidentally left in cars, but non quite like this one. In Bridgeport, Connecticut, a 22-year-old man was charged for leaving his 3-year-old son overnight in an abandoned car. According to reports, the man told police that he was driving home drunk with the boy in the car (already a candidate for father of the year) when he got a flat tire. So he left the car and went home, leaving … Continue reading →