Saving Bella

We now know that little Bella was just shy of her 3rd birthday when she was murdered. According to the story given by the mother, she and her boyfriend were having trouble getting Bella to sleep one night. The boyfriend then said, “I’ll get her to sleep.” Then went to put the little girl to bed. Later on, the mother went in to find the little girl listless, her face swollen. She had apparently been smothered, and was obviously dead.¬† … Continue reading →

Mother Kills Her Children . . . & Says She’d Do It Again

Child abuse is typically a problem of parents who otherwise love their children, either making poor decisions or loosing their composure in a moment of anger. Then there are cases like this one, which is so unusual as to defy all logic. Mitchelle Blair is a 36-year-old mother who admits to subjecting her children to some of the most horrendous abuse you can think of, eventually killing two of them. Thirteen-year-old Stoni was kicked, hit on the head, “over and … Continue reading →

Children Gunned Down At Little Girls Birthday Party

4/6/2008 A birthday party for a 9-year-old girl turned senselessly tragic on a Sunday night in Fort Worth, Texas, as a gunman fired into the group with a high powered rifle. About a dozen children were outside the apartment in the 5700 block of Anderson St. in Southeast Fort Worth, when someone fired 11 shots in their direction. As everyone ran inside for cover, the barrage of bullets began again, whizzing through the walls and window of the apartment. When … Continue reading →

Judge Rules Against Murder Charge in Fetus’ Death

3-20-08 Twenty-four-year-old Logan Lage was originally charged with murder and 16 other related charges in connection with a November 6, 2007 head on collision. His vehicle rammed a car driven by 26-year-old Shea Lehnen. Shea was 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time, and was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital in Denver, where doctors performed a cesarean¬† section. Her daughter was born alive but died hours later of asphyxia. Mesa County coroner Rob Kurtzman ruled the baby’s death a homicide, … Continue reading →