Luring Children With Candy

In Tremonton, Utah, a man apparently tried to lure children away from North park Elementary School and get them into his car by saying he had candy for them. Police are looking for the suspect. It’s an example of how the old ploys are still being used.  It’s also important for parents to remember that for every successful abduction, there around 2 dozen or so reported attempts.  An abductor doesn’t need to be successful every time, he only needs to … Continue reading →

Boy Fights Off Kidnapper

In Menasha, Wisconsin, police say a 23-year-old boy managed to fight off a man who tried to kidnap him.  They boy was skateboarding along the sidewalk at the time.  He had apparently fallen down, when he was grabbed by a man who tried to drag him into an SUV. The boy was able to get away by hitting, kicking, and clawing at his attacker.  To protect your child, be sure to check out the following Stranger Danger resources. … Continue reading →

Tip Gives Map of Where 4-Year-Old is Buried

June 14, 2007 The parents of 4-year-old Madeleine McCann, who was abducted from her hotel room May 3rd while taking a nap, rebuked the media for publishing details about an anonymous tip regarding their daughters whereabouts. A Dutch newspaper received the anonymous tip and published it in their June 13,2007 paper, while also forwarding the letter to authorities. The tip was then widely reported on throughout other media outlets. The anonymous tip contained a map showing a remote location in … Continue reading →