Dead Children Found In Storage Unit

A child abuse investigation that spanned multiple counties in norther California has led to the discovery of the bodies of two children inside a storage unit. Police arrested 39-year-old Tami Joy Huntsman and 17-year-old Gonzalo Curiel on charges of felony child abuse, torture, and mayhem. Police are treating the case as a homicide, pending the result of autopsies. Both will also be charged with two counts of first-degree murder with special circumstances, which includes murders committed during an act of … Continue reading →

Ninja Police in California

In the town of Anderson, California, police officers are now being allowed to use nunchucks. It’s one of those things that just causes me to scratch my head as if police really needed another way to beat someone. Having used nunchucks, extensively during my martial arts phase, I can tell you that they’re not exactly the most practical weapon, especially for police. The trade off between these and a straight baton is that you get more bone-breaking power behind the … Continue reading →

Four Police Officers Charged With Child Abuse

In San Louis Obispo, California, four police officers were recently charged with physically and emotionally abusing the children they worked with at the Leadership Empowerment Discipline boot camp, a program for at risk youth.  It’s not surprising at all to learn that abuse was going on in such a place — many (if not most of these troubled teen rehabilitation programs are little more than child abuse packaged as tough love helping, and the horror stories and streams of deaths … Continue reading →

Girls Body Found In Dumpster

In California, a frantic search for a missing 8-year-old girl came to a tragic end.  This past Monday, when her body was found in a trash bin behind the Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz.  The child had been missing since about 5:30 pm Sunday evening, where she had been riding her scooter at her apartment complex. Authorities have arrested a teen in the death of Madyson (Maddy) Middleton.  The teen boy also lives in the same apartment complex, which … Continue reading →

Children Injured or Killed By Falling Trees

Girl Crushed In Her Own Home In Arnold, California, an 8-year-old girl, Haley Verzani, was killed after a 100-foot-tall tree fell onto the family’s house. The tree, with a trunk that was 3 feet in diameter, had been uprooted by a nearby creek. (March 20, 2012) Falling Tree Crushes Child In Hastings Township, Michigan a  6-year-old boy was stuck and killed  by a tree that his father had cut down to clear a field.  According to state troopers the father … Continue reading →