More Interesting Things That Have Happened Recently

Dodging Beehives in California In Coronado, California, in mid-September, residents were sent scrambling when a beehive fell from a tree releasing an angry swarm that terrorized the neighborhood.  At leas 6 people were stung, including police officers who responded to the scene. Leaving A Million Dollars Laying Around In Kentwood, Michigan, a woman who had won a 1 million dollar prize in the Michigan lottery left the ticket in a pile of mail for months and forgot about it, and … Continue reading →

Bus Driver Saves Family

In Buffalo, New York, a bus driver tending to his route on an early Monday morning noticed smoke coming from the back of a house. So Richard Lucas stopped the bus, ran to the house and banged on the front door, waking the sleeping family. Thanks to his quick actions, 10 people (including seven children) were able to escape the two-family home. July 15, 2010 … Continue reading →