Satan To Blame For Microwaved Baby

5-22-07 The mother of a baby who received serious burns after being microwaved by her father, told a Houston television station, KHOU, that Satan was to blame for her husbands actions. Maurie Mauldin, 20, stated that the devil “saw my husband as a threat” due to the fact that he was trying to become a preacher. The baby girl was released from the hospital after 11 days. She had received the burns after being placed in the microwave oven of … Continue reading →

Coyote Attacks 5-Year-Old

5-21-07 A 5-year-old Middletown, New Jersey boy was the victim of an odd attack Monday evening. Brayden Gazette was playing with his sister Sydney, in a yard across the street from their home, when a coyote bolted out from the woods and bit the child on his head. The animal startled and ran off when his sister Sydney screamed for help. The boy received 46 stitches and two rabies shots following the attack. Though coyote attacks are extremely rare, (they … Continue reading →

3-Year-Old Taken to ‘Baby Drop’

5-10-07 On the first day of a program in Japan offering an anonymous drop box for unwanted babies, a father stunned people by leaving his 3-year-old child at the ‘baby drop.’ The Roman Catholic-run Jikei hospital in the southern city of Kumamoto, started the program known as “stork’s cradle,” to discourage abortions and the abandonment of children in unsafe public places. According to reports, the boy (believed to be three years of age) said he “came with daddy” and was … Continue reading →

Toddler Falls From Balcony

5-12-07 A 2-year-old boy fell 12 feet from the balcony of a second floor apartment building at around 8:00 in the evening. Police investigated the incident and determined it to be accidental. Luckily, he was treated only for minor injuries and released. … Continue reading →

Six-Year-Old Dies After Slipping With Scissors

5-11-07 A six-year-old girl died while reaching for scissors that were on top of a refrigerator in her Verona Beach, N.Y. home. The child fell from a chair she was using to reach the scissors, and ended up stabbing herself in the neck with the blades. She was standing on a wheeled, office style chair, when it moved from underneath her, causing her to loose her balance. The girl had been retrieving the pair of scissors to cut out gum … Continue reading →

Screwdriver In The Brain? No Problem For This Tough Tot

12-28-07 As a parent, you tell your kids a lot of things. But have you ever told them it’s not a good idea to stick screwdrivers through their brains? If you’re anything like the rest of us, you probably never thought such a thing was necessary. Apparently it is, as one Arizona mother found out, after her 2-year-old daughter apparently shoved a screwdriver into her own eye. It took doctors two hours to remove the instrument, which had entered the … Continue reading →

Tot Bound With Masking Tape Dies

May 2007 A 2-year-old was taken off of life support, after suffering injuries he received with his day care provider. Vicki Leigh Chiles was being held without bail on a complaint of first degree murder. Chjiles told police the boy would not be quiet for nap time, so she used tape to silence him, according to an arrest report. It is believed the 2-year-old had his hands bound and his mouth covered with masking tape. Chiles was the only worker … Continue reading →

Mom Charged For Pointing Toy Gun At Kids

4-20-2007 Twenty-six-year-old Heather Nicole Berg, the mother of a kindergartner at Church Hill Elementary School, was charged with assault for allegedly pointing a cap-gun at kids in her child’s kindergarten class. She was also banned from the school for a year. The incident happened on a Tuesday, just one day after the deadly shootings at Virginia Tech. Heather was in the classroom to pay for an upcoming field trip. Witnesses report that she pulled the gun out of her purse … Continue reading →