British Preschooler Kidnapped By Nigerian Gunmen

7-5-07 A 3-year-old girl was kidnapped from her car as it sat idling in heavy morning traffic, in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Gunmen smashed the window of a car carrying the British tot, Margaret Hill, snatching her on the way to school Thursday. More than 200 foreigners have been kidnapped in the region since 2005, when militants stepped up their campaign against the area’s oil industry.  While 2 other children have been seized in the Niger delta in recent weeks, this … Continue reading →

Child Killed By Miniature Cannon

7-4-07 An 8-year-old boy was killed over the fourth of July Weekend, after a small cannon exploded as it was fired during a fourth of July family gathering. The accident occurred at the home of the victims grandfather, about six miles south of Olympia, in Washington state. Investigators were trying to determine how the cannon was manufactured.  It was reported to be about 1 1/2 feet long with a barrel that was 3 and a half inches in diameter. Yet … Continue reading →

Drunk Tractor Driver Runs Over Boy

7-4-07 Police have charged the driver of a tractor participating in a fourth-of-July parade, in Sedalia, CO, with DUI, child abuse and careless driving charges after he ran over a 6-year-old boy. Witnesses said that the tractor, driven by 79-year-old David Curtis, had started to go the wrong way on the parade route amidst a group of children riding bicycles. Bystanders began yelling at the driver to stop, but he continued and struck the boy, with the tractor corning to … Continue reading →

When SUV’s Attack

7-4-07 Most parents expect the backyard to be one of the last remaining safe places to play. Which is why parents of a little girl in Westminster, Colorado, are shocked after she was hit by a car … in her own backyard. The 4-year-old was playing by herself in the backyard of heparents home, when she was run over by a neighbor’s SUV. The vehicle crashed through the fence, struck the girl, drug her several feet, then crashed through the … Continue reading →

Teen Kills Boy While ‘Wrestling’

(June, 2007) A 13-year-old boy was charged with criminal homicide and taken to a juvenile detention center, after killing a 5-year-old who he said he was practicing wrestling moves with. The boy later died from his injuries at an area hospital. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide. The incident occurred in the home where the boys lived, and the younger child’s mother was not home at the time of the incident. A man who was babysitting was in … Continue reading →

Police Car Runs Over Preschooler

June 2007 Crustal Legrand was out on a walk with her boyfriend and three young young children, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Their night was shattered as an out-of-control police cruiser hurdled toward them. Crystal grabbed her two youngest children and took cover behind a wall. Her boyfriend snatched up the oldest son, 4-year-old Daviay, and made an attempt to dart for safety as well. They didn’t make it. The patrol car struck the pair, shattering the boyfriends legs and killing little … Continue reading →

Toddler Dies Inside Dishwasher

June 2007 An 18-month-old boy died after apparently climbing inside the families dishwasher in their Romance, Arkansas home. The dishwasher was a May tag model that automatically starts when the door is closed. The boy climbed in and closed the door, apparently trying to hide, initiating the rinse cycle. Authorities said that the toddler likely died from heat exposure. His 13-year-old brother found the boy inside the appliance, but the tot died before paramedics could arrive. Police were still investigating … Continue reading →

Three Girls Killed In Apartment Fire

6-28-07 Three young girls were killed early Thursday, when a fire swept through their Burtonville, Md. apartment. Their mother was also critically injured in the house fire. Police used the incident to detain the girls father on immigration charges. … Continue reading →

Child Shot By Neighbor For Throwing Rocks

6-25-07 A mischievous game of rock throwing turned deadly for one nine-year-old boy, when a neighbor who was tired of the shenanigans retrieved his shotgun and shot the child. Police were called and found the boy, Demotric Moore, bleeding with a critical gunshot wound to the neck.  He was pronounced dead after being transported to a local hospital. The episode was apparently the accumulation of an ongoing feud between Jonathin Watts, 50, and the other children in the neighborhood. “Apparently, … Continue reading →

Pair Saves 12-Year-Old Girl From Drowning

6-25-07 Two people managed to save a 12-year-old girl from drowning  Monday,  after  she  went  face  down  in  a neighborhood  pool. Witnesses said the girl was in the pool with several other children, when she swam into the deep end and wasn’t able to touch the bottom. She flailed around for a short time before going face down. The incident occurred  just  before  noon,  in  an  Arapahoe  County, Colorado neighborhood. Twenty-five-year-old Ikram Mohamud and her brother, 21-year-old Said Mohamud, sprang … Continue reading →