Third-Graders Arrested in Plot to Kill Teacher

4-1-08 Kids grow up so fast these days, don’t they? It seems like in the blink of an eye they’re walking, saying they’re first words, attending their first day of school, conspiring to kill the teacher. Police in South Georgia arrested nine 3’rd graders, both boys and girls, in an apparent plot to assassinate their teacher. Police describe it as an “elaborate” plan that had apparently been hatched by 3 ringleaders amongst the bunch. The itenery was to knock her … Continue reading →

School Bus Driver Passes Out At The Wheel

3-28-08 Forty-four children on a field trip to an Aquarium in Chattanooga, Tennessee, were dealt a scary experience as their bus driver passed out at the wheel. The bus was owned by Adventure Bus Charter & Tours, Inc., of Sumiton. A math teacher on the bus, Amy King, tried to take hold of the wheel to keep the coach from swerving into oncoming traffic. She managed to avoid a head-on collision, but wasn’t able to right the bus. It went … Continue reading →

Hitchhiking to Kindergarten

1-24-08 One little girl, we’ll call her Amy, thought that she was old enough to walk to school on her own. I guess she didn’t want mom crimping her style. After all, a kids got a reputation to keep. Her mother, we’ll call her Julie, disagreed. At the tender age of 5, she thought that her daughter was much too young to be walking to school by herself. The school was several miles away and crossed several busy streets to … Continue reading →

Second-Grader Draws Gun, Gets Suspended

10-19-2007 A stick figure with a gun earned second-grader Kyle Walker, 7, a one day school suspension this week in Dennis Township, New Jersey. He was cited for violating the school districts zero-tolerance policy on guns, according to his mother, Shirley McDevitt. Kyle had apparently showed the drawing to another child on the school-bus. That child went home and talked about it with his parents, who in turn complained to school officials. A photocopy of the drawing reportedly showed two … Continue reading →

Indonesian School Bus Crash Kills 14

(July 7,2007) A speeding bus filled with a group of junior high school students and their teachers collided with 3 cars and 2 motor-bikes as the bus was trying to pass another vehicle. The bus then plunged into a 30 foot ravine, killing 14 people and hospitalizing 48 others, 26 of who were in critical condition. It appeared the bus driver lost control of the speeding vehicle while attempting to pass another car, said captain Basuki of the local police.  … Continue reading →

Mom Charged For Pointing Toy Gun At Kids

4-20-2007 Twenty-six-year-old Heather Nicole Berg, the mother of a kindergartner at Church Hill Elementary School, was charged with assault for allegedly pointing a cap-gun at kids in her child’s kindergarten class. She was also banned from the school for a year. The incident happened on a Tuesday, just one day after the deadly shootings at Virginia Tech. Heather was in the classroom to pay for an upcoming field trip. Witnesses report that she pulled the gun out of her purse … Continue reading →