Cost of Talking in a Park: Nearly $5,000

In Rapid City, South Dakota, local attorney Jody Speck is blasting local police for issuing tickets carrying a $140 fine to around 30 youths who were merely hanging out and talking in a park one night, but otherwise doing nothing wrong.

Out of Control School Police Officers

In Louisville, Kentucky, a school resource officer working at Olmstead Academy North was arrested on Feb. 3 for using excessive force with students.  Police say he struck a 13-year-old across the face and then 5 days later put another 13-year-old into a choke hold until the child lost consciousness.  The 31-year-old officer was suspended from the force without pay after his arrest. (2/4/2015)

So much For Youth Initiative

In Down Brook, New Jersey, two teens who were walking door to door in their neighborhood asking if they could make some money by shoveling snow were intercepted by police and told to stop. (January 28, 2015) … Continue reading →