Samaria Sword Confusion

In Lansing, Michigan, a man who was being rescued after suffering a seizure says a friend was helping clear a path for first responders by moving samurai-like swords out of the way, and never swung them at paramedics as authorities claim. Here’s a thought: If your house is littered with so many samurai swords that they obstruct the path for rescue crews, maybe you have too many samurai swords.  (Jan. 30, 2015)   … Continue reading →

Make Your iphone Look Like a Gun

If you’ve always wanted to get shot by the police, but maybe aren’t black enough to get them to play target practice at a traffic stop, then have we got the product for you: a new iphone case that is designed to look like a gun.  It’s a replica accessory that has authorities concerned. Officials in Birmingham, Alabama, are calling the replica an “idiot invention.”  We have to agree.  This ranks right up there with lighters designed to look like … Continue reading →

Camper Killed by Stray Bullet

A 60-year-old man was killed near a campsite in Pike National Forest, struck by an “errant bullet” fired by someone nearby while he was camping with his family.  It is unknown who was shooting near the campsite.  The accident happened this past Friday night . . . another example of how careless gun owners endanger us all.

Grandpa Goes Bezerk

This past week in Boca Raton, Florida, a 90-year-old man was unhappy that a post office employee refused to fill out a form for him.  So he did what any rational person would do: he left the facility, got a gun, and then came back and threatened to “blow his head off.”  Maybe it’s time to put great grand-daddy in a home.

People Who Accidentally Shoot Themselves

Deadly Goofs In Rapid City, South Dakota, a man accidentally shot and killed himself while fooling around at a party.  Colton Strangerhorse is said to have pulled a gun from his waistband and, thinking it was unloaded, put it to his head and pulled the trigger.  (3/5/2015) Reckless But Lucky Thirty-six-year-old Shannon Austin was fooling around  with a .22 caliber revolver which he thought was unloaded.  After pulling the trigger several times in the air to no affect, he turned … Continue reading →

Gun Accidents Involving Kids

Preschooler Shoots Both of his Parents In Albuquerque, New Mexico, a 3-year-old boy managed to retrieve a hand gun from his mothers purse while the family was staying at a local motel.  Many tragedies start this way, usually ending with the child shooting themselves or another child who happens to be in the room.  This case, however, took an unusual turn: instead of shooting himself, the boy managed to fire a single shot that struck and wounded both of his … Continue reading →