Children Never Make It Home From Camping Trip

It was a horrific wreck, a mid-day crash that killed 8 people, among them four young girls. At first police weren’t quite sure why 36-year-old Diane Schuler was driving the wrong way on the highway. Just half-an-hour before the crash, Diane had pulled over to phone her brother, Warren Hance, to say she was feeling disoriented and had trouble seeing. Doing the brotherly thing and concerned for the welfare of the 5 children she had in the car with her, … Continue reading →

Drunk 4-Year-Old Goes on Rampage Stealing Christmas Presents

Dec. 16, 2009 In one of the most unique stories we’ve ever encountered, police in Chattanooga, Tennessee, had their hands full in dealing with a drunk 4-year-old boy who, beer in hand, was found wandering the streets of his neighborhood in the middle of the night stealing Christmas presents from neighbors. Aside from the strangeness of this incident, the sad story behind it is a lesson to us all. The child, Hayden Wright, was found at around 1:45 in the … Continue reading →

9-Month-Old Overdoses on Cocaine

3-30-08 Emergency personnel responding to a 911 call airlifted a  9-month-old girl to the hospital. The child was having seizures and had stopped breathing. “She was unresponsive, her body was flaccid” reported a nurse in the ER. Doctors worked feverishly to revive the child. The real shock, however, came when tests revealed the cause of this little girls troubles: She had overdosed on cocaine. Blood tests revealed toxic amounts of the drug in her system. The 9-month-old was revived and … Continue reading →

Man Tries To Exchange Kindergartner For Meth

9-19-07 A 5-year-old Colorado girl who was abducted earlier in the  month, was retrieved safe and sound in Aurora the other day.  The child had been taken by her mothers ex-husband. She was recaptured when her abductor tried to arrange the return of the child in exchange for Methamphetamine. Instead of getting his drugs, Virgil Kosmicki was arrested on the exchange, greeted by the FBI. They returned the little girl to  her  mother  without  incident.  She  was  unharmed. Kosmicki was … Continue reading →

Pair Receives Prison for Giving 6-Year-0ld Pot

July 2007 A mother and her boyfriend ended up receiving a combined prison sentence of 8 years for giving a 6-yer-old pot and alcohol. The investigation started after the child apparently told police he had smoked marijuana with his mom, 26-year-old Regina Martinez, and her boyfriend, 21-year-old Jason Ladehoff, on numerous occasions. He also said that the two had given him alcohol, but only “mostly on weekends.” That’s good. You can’t be drinking on a school night, even if you … Continue reading →

Mexico To Test Public School Kids For Drugs

June 2007 Mexican President Felipe Calderon announced that he would like to implement a program to test thousands of public school students for drugs as part of a stepped up effort against drug trafficking. The tests would require parental permission, and would be performed in 8,000 public schools initially. He would like to eventually expand the program nationwide. “It’s not to punish them, but to help them overcome that problem,” Calderon stated at a speech in Monterrey. The program “will … Continue reading →