Four Days, Three Dead Babies

Des Moines, Iowa is dealing with a rash of infant deaths from apparent accidental suffocation.  Three babies died within a four day period this week, either from their parents rolling over on them in bed, or because a loose blanket was left in the crib.  Loose blankets can increase the risk of SIDS by trapping carbon dioxide around the baby’s airway.

One slip, Almost a Tragedy

Nov. 2008 A family home video caught every parent’s worst nightmare on tape, and it illustrates just how quickly something disastrous can happen. It occurred when the family was posing for a group picture at the ocean side in California, next to the edge of a 150 foot cliff. It was a designated scenic area, with a railing on the side. Three-year-old Elena was backing up to take her position for the photograph, when her calves bumped up against the … Continue reading →

2006 Child Mortality Rates

May 2008 UNICEF released its 2006 child mortality figures, showing that for the first time ever, worldwide annual child deaths has fallen below 10 million. UNICEF reports that 15 of the least developed countries have reduced the under-5 mortality rate by 40 percent or more since 1990, Vaccines, better health education, mosquito nets which limit the spread of malaria, and vitamin A have been credited for the lower rates. Yet in some parts of the world, one in every 5 … Continue reading →

Wind Blows Stroller with Toddler Into Lake Michigan

4-18-08 A grandfather on a stroll with his grandson one Friday afternoon found himself battling a menacing gust of wind near lake Michigan. The wind won. He was walking along a 70-foot-long pier, pushing his 2-year-old grandson in a stroller, when a strong gust took a hold of the stroller, sending it straight into the lake, with the boy inside it. The water in the lake was just a chilling 42 degrees Fahrenheit. The grandfather gave chase after the child … Continue reading →

Girls Body Found In Cave

11-9-07 The search for a 9-year-old girl who had been missing for a week carne to a disappointing end, when her body was found inside a cave in the Montana hillside. Little Rowan Ford was found on private land about 10 miles south of her home in Stella, a small town of about 200 people. Police arrested two suspects, including the girls stepfather, a day later. Rowan vanished while she was being cared for by her stepfather over the weekend, … Continue reading →

Remains of Children Kidnapped By Their Dad Found

9-11-07 Police were able to confirm Tuesday that the human bones of two children found days earlier in sugar creek, a heavily wooded area 8 miles outside of Kansas City, are indeed the remains of Sam and Lindsey Porter. Dental records were used to help identify the two children, who were found buried in a shallow grave. The kids, who were 7 and 8 at the time of their disappearance, had vanished June 5 ‘th of 2004 after being taken … Continue reading →

Six-Year-Old Kidnapped, Hanged In Family Garage

9-10-07 Six-year-old Hannah Mack was last seen at around 1:00 A.M., sleeping peacefully on the couch in the family’s rural Texas home. The next time she would be seen was when her mother found the child hanging in the families garage. The little girl had been assaulted and then hung to death. According to police, the girls mother, Dana Mack, began searching for her youngest daughter after she realized Hannah was missing when it was time for her to get … Continue reading →

British Preschooler Kidnapped By Nigerian Gunmen

7-5-07 A 3-year-old girl was kidnapped from her car as it sat idling in heavy morning traffic, in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Gunmen smashed the window of a car carrying the British tot, Margaret Hill, snatching her on the way to school Thursday. More than 200 foreigners have been kidnapped in the region since 2005, when militants stepped up their campaign against the area’s oil industry.  While 2 other children have been seized in the Niger delta in recent weeks, this … Continue reading →

Tip Gives Map of Where 4-Year-Old is Buried

June 14, 2007 The parents of 4-year-old Madeleine McCann, who was abducted from her hotel room May 3rd while taking a nap, rebuked the media for publishing details about an anonymous tip regarding their daughters whereabouts. A Dutch newspaper received the anonymous tip and published it in their June 13,2007 paper, while also forwarding the letter to authorities. The tip was then widely reported on throughout other media outlets. The anonymous tip contained a map showing a remote location in … Continue reading →

Children Left Unattended Start Fatal House Fire

6-12-07 A fire that was started by kids playing with matches, raced through a three story row house, killing 5 children, who ranged in ages from three to seven. Their bodies were found on the second floor, where the fire apparently started. Two 8-year-old children managed to escape without injury. Neighbor Sontoya Perry, 22, said she could hear the children screaming inside the house as the fire engulfed them, but was unable to help because the steps leading to the … Continue reading →