Grandma Convicted of Capital Murder

3/22/15 In Gaesden, Alabana, 49 year old Joyce Hardin Gerrard was found guilty of capital murder for the 2012 death of her granddaughter, 9-year-old Savannah Hardin.  It was a high profile child abuse case, in which the girl collapsed and died after being forced to run for more than 3 hours as punishment for lying about eating candy bars.  The jury will now decide on whether or not to apply the death penalty.  Hopefully, this tragedy can serve as a … Continue reading →

Children Who Are Murdered By Family Members

Starving Children for Insurance Money In Forest, Mississippi, authorities say money may have been the key motive in the starvation death of a 4-year-old-boy.  Police say Austin Watkins weighed a mere 19 pounds when he died on November 9th, 2008.  Scott County Sheriff Mike Lee said the family had taken out an insurance policy on the boy.  His grandmother and aunt were arrested and charged with murder.  (USA Today, 11-17-2008, p. 12A) … Continue reading →

Girls Body Found In Cave

11-9-07 The search for a 9-year-old girl who had been missing for a week carne to a disappointing end, when her body was found inside a cave in the Montana hillside. Little Rowan Ford was found on private land about 10 miles south of her home in Stella, a small town of about 200 people. Police arrested two suspects, including the girls stepfather, a day later. Rowan vanished while she was being cared for by her stepfather over the weekend, … Continue reading →

Man Receives 20 Years For Punching Toddler

10-3-2007 Twenty-seven-year-old  Francisco Ramirez was  sentenced early Wednesday, in a child abuse case that left a two-year-old girl permanently disabled.  He was originally charged with attempted murder, but later pleaded no-contest to a reduced charge of attempted manslaughter. He has two prior first degree burglary convictions, as well as two second-degree assault convictions and other minor charges. He was ordered to serve at least 13 years and 4 months of the 20 year term before being eligible for parole. Ramirez … Continue reading →

Lawyer Goes To Prison For Stabbing Neighbor Over Imagined Abuse

9-1-07 Thirty-year-old Jonathon Edington, a lawyer from Bridgeport, Connecticut, was sentenced Friday to 12 years in prison for first-degree manslaughter, after stabbing to death an elderly man in his bedroom. It started when Jonathin’s wife told him she thought a neighbor, 68-year-old Barry James, had molested their two-year-old  daughter.  Jonathin broke into James house later that night and stabbed him multiple times. Fairfield police investigated the molestation allegation, and could not find any evidence to substantiate the claim. Superior Court … Continue reading →

11 Kids Abused In Child Welfare

8-1-07 Police filed charges of child abuse and welfare fraud against a woman accused of adopting children in order to bilk child welfare out of $2 million dollars. Judith Leekin, who is now 62 years old, could face as much as 190 years in prison if convicted on the 10 counts of child abuse against her. Authorities believe she adopted the children for a source of income, then abused the kids and used the state money allotted for their care … Continue reading →

Father Microwaves His Daughter

7-2007 A 19 year old Texas man stands accused of child abuse after allegedly burning his 2-month-old daughter. The child suffered burns to her face after being put in a microwave oven. Joshua Royce Mauldin was indicted on a charge of felony injury to a child. The young father told police that he was sent by God to be a preacher in Galveston. The child has undergone a second skin graft that was performed by University of Texas Medical Branch … Continue reading →

Man Accused of Biting Off 3-Year-Olds Lip & Ear

7-5-07 A man pleaded not guilty on Thursday and was ordered to be held without bail, after allegedly biting off the lip and ear of his girlfriends 3-year old daughter. Bryon James, 34, has been charged with assault and battery upon a child causing substantial bodily injuries. The child’s mother, Jessica Silveria, 26, also pleaded not guilty to permitting substantial injuries to a child under 14, and intimidation of a witness. The attack left the little girl so mutilated that … Continue reading →

Satan To Blame For Microwaved Baby

5-22-07 The mother of a baby who received serious burns after being microwaved by her father, told a Houston television station, KHOU, that Satan was to blame for her husbands actions. Maurie Mauldin, 20, stated that the devil “saw my husband as a threat” due to the fact that he was trying to become a preacher. The baby girl was released from the hospital after 11 days. She had received the burns after being placed in the microwave oven of … Continue reading →

3-Year-Old Taken to ‘Baby Drop’

5-10-07 On the first day of a program in Japan offering an anonymous drop box for unwanted babies, a father stunned people by leaving his 3-year-old child at the ‘baby drop.’ The Roman Catholic-run Jikei hospital in the southern city of Kumamoto, started the program known as “stork’s cradle,” to discourage abortions and the abandonment of children in unsafe public places. According to reports, the boy (believed to be three years of age) said he “came with daddy” and was … Continue reading →