Poop Injector To Go To Court

In Cincinnati, Ohio, a 35-year-old mother who is accused of injecting feces into her 9-year-old son’s IV at a local hospital turned down a plea deal and wants to go to trial. She was indicted this January on two counts of felonious assault and two counts of child endangerment, and faces up to 8 years in prison if convicted. May 7, 2015 … Continue reading →

Can You Identify This Mystery Girl

Authorities are trying to identify this mystery girl who was found in a trash bag that was washed up on an Atlanta beach. She is 3 and a half feet tall, believed to be 4 or 5 years of age, and is of Caucasian or Hispanic origin. So far, known missing children in the area have been ruled out, and the mystery is posing quite the conundrum for investigators. The girl had no visible signs of trauma anywhere on her … Continue reading →

Mother Kills Her Children . . . & Says She’d Do It Again

Child abuse is typically a problem of parents who otherwise love their children, either making poor decisions or loosing their composure in a moment of anger. Then there are cases like this one, which is so unusual as to defy all logic. Mitchelle Blair is a 36-year-old mother who admits to subjecting her children to some of the most horrendous abuse you can think of, eventually killing two of them. Thirteen-year-old Stoni was kicked, hit on the head, “over and … Continue reading →

Kids Left in Freezing Car While Father Attends Court

In Newton, Massachusetts, Framingham man is facing child endangerment charges after police say he left his 3 children — ages 5,3, & 9 months old — inside a car in sub-freezing temperatures for about an hour while he was in court. (USA Today 1/16/2015, p. 9A) While this was certainly a poor decision on the mans part, it’s also a perfect example of how society creates it’s own messes and sets people up to fail.  Low income parents, faced with … Continue reading →

Cases of Children Being Starved to Death

Child Dies at 14 months, Weighs 13 lbs. In Valley City, North Dakota, James Thompson was sentenced to 8 years in prison and Cassandra Riediger to 3 years in the starvation death of a 14 month old boy that was living with the couple.  Authorities say the boy, Marcus Thompson, was both starved and dehydrated and weighed just 13.5 pounds at the time of his death. (USA Today, 5-28-2008, p 9A) Starving the Children In New Haven, Connecticut, a woman … Continue reading →

Grandma Slain to Assault Her Grandchild

A woman who was baby-sitting her two grandchildren had her throat slit by a home intruder, who then sexually assaulted one of the kids. The mother of the two children returned home at around 12:30 A.M. to find her 59 year old mother dead in the garage, lying in a pool of blood. The intruder, identified as Phillip Zagarella, then barricaded himself inside their West Isle, N.Y. home for 14 hours before shooting himself. Apart from the sexual assault, the … Continue reading →

Girl Survives Beating With Baseball Bat, Then Death Panels By CPS Workers

The story of Haleigh Poutre is one of tragedy that highlights many of the things wrong with our child protective service system. It’s also a story of hope and survival against all odds. Haleigh was born February 24, 1994. She was 11-years-old on September 11, 2005, when she was badly burned and beaten severely with a baseball bat, allegedly at the hands of Jason and Holli Strickland, her stepfather and maternal aunt, respectively, who had legally adopted Haleigh. The beating … Continue reading →

Babies Found Malnourished After Mother Dies

11-16-07 After responding to reports of a foul order coming from an  apartment, police found 36-year-old Virginia Wanjiru Njorge, lying dead on the bed. Authorities believe she had been deceased for several days. But they made an even more alarming discovery – the womans 3-week-old twins were found under the bed, both malnourished and in critical condition. The two babies were taken to a hospital, where one child, a baby girl, later died. Her twin brother remained in critical condition. … Continue reading →

Death by Grape Soda

In early 2014, a 5-year-old girl died by being forced to drink two liters of grape soda and water over a one to two hour period. This caused brain swelling, and she died of water intoxication at a local hospital.  Her parents were arrested on charges of child abuse resulting in death.  They were apparently using this as punishment.