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A couple months ago we wrote about the case of the mystery girl who was found dead in a trash bag on June 25th in the New England area. Now, finally, we actually know who she is.

Police have identified the child as Bella Bond, a local girl from Boston who was apparently 3-year-old when she died. They’ve also arrested the girl’s mother Rachel Bond, and her boyfriend, Michael McCarthy, who had no biological connection to the girl. They weren’t saying what charges each of them will face.

Police had known they were dealing with a child who was probably local, based on an analysis of the pollen sample taken from inside the bag and on her clothes. She was also covered in traces of soot, which indicated she likely came from an urban area (which is a little bit unnerving in it’s own right, to know that all city kids are covered in an invisible layer of soot from hydrocarbons). But it took several months before a tip came in that allowed them to identify her. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the story unfolds, especially in light of a similar case that recently happened in Chicago.


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