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Do you know her?

A computer generated image of Jane Doe, derived from her morgue pictures. Her actual appearance may have looked a little different.

Authorities are trying to identify this mystery girl who was found in a trash bag that was washed up on an Atlanta beach. She is 3 and a half feet tall, believed to be 4 or 5 years of age, and is of Caucasian or Hispanic origin.

So far, known missing children in the area have been ruled out, and the mystery is posing quite the conundrum for investigators. The girl had no visible signs of trauma anywhere on her body, and the fact that she wasn’t malnourished and had her ears pierced leads police to believe that she was probably well cared for throughout most of her life.

It will be about a week before an autopsy can further shed light on the cause of death.  In the meantime, this has millions of people speculating. This is no doubt the work of a parent or guardian, but her death could have been accidental or intentional.  My guess is that it’s the former, and her guardians simply got scared that they would be blamed, so they tried to cover it up.


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