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In our fire safety books, we cover a few important
concepts that can save a child’s life: get out fast,
stay low, don’t hide, don’t try to take things with you,
or look for your parents.  Above all, once you get
outside of the house, stay out!  Here’s why:

A Tragic Lesson in Fire Safety
In Fort Dodge, Iowa, a house fire on Sunday claimed the lives of 3 people, including a 5-year-old Joseph Kennedy and an infant.  Three other managed to escape with serious injuries.  Here’s the tragic part; according to family members, it appears the 5-year-old had made it out safely, but then went back to try and get those still trapped inside, Untimely perishing in the process. (2/23/2015)  An awfully brave act for a young child, but also an incredibly foolish one.  Make sure your kids know better: read them our free fire safety books, which are designed for kids as
young as three.

Child With Lighter Kills Toddler
In Belleville, Kansas, officials say that a fire that killed a toddler was started by a child who was playing with a lighter.  (USA Today, 2/26/2015, p. 4A)


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