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Electrified Lamp Posts
In Peoria, Illinois, an 8-year-old boy was electrocuted when he touched a light pole during a girl’s softball tournament in July. In a lawsuit filed by the family, Annette Rees of Jacksonville says the Limestone Girl’s Softball Association knew about the faulty lights but went ahead with the tournament anyway. Her son, Camden Belfield, was playing at the time while attending a game. (USA Today, 9-19-2008, p. 10A)

Shocked By a Boat
In Burlington, Vermont, authorities said two 13-year-old boys swimming in Lake Champlain were rescued after being shocked by an electrical current from a boat. The father and mother of the boys were also shocked when they jumped in to try to save them. The boat apparently had a faulty electrical system. (USA Today, 7-12-2010)

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