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Girl Attacked While Playing in the Snow
In Terry, Mississippi, a 5-year-old girl was attacked and killed by a pit bull as she played in the snow. Anastaisa Bingham was mauled to death outside her home just days before her sixth birthday. Nobody has come forward to claim ownership of the
animal. (USA Today, 2-15-2010, 7A)

Boy Mauled Outside Home
In Abilene, Texas, two people faced second-degree felony charges after their pit bulls got loose and mauled a boy to death. Seven-year-old Tanner Monk was attacked while playing near his home in Breckenridge. (USA Today, 5-30-2008, p. 8A)

Preschooler Survives Attack
In Santa Clarita, California, a 4-year-old boy was hospitalized in stable condition after being attacked by a pit bull. The boy was playing with other children outside his apartment complex when the dog approached him and bit him at the base of the skull. The owner could face charges. (USA Today, 6-14-2010, 9A)

Of note:
In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a report showed that of the 33 vicious and aggressive dogs shot by city police officers since January of 2007, 26 were pit bulls. The other dogs included one Rottweiler, one German Shepherd, and 5 dogs whose breeds were not identified. (USA Today, 6-17-2008, 6A)

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