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Toddler Runs Over Cliff
In Chimney Rock, North Carolina, officials at Chimney Rock State Park were evaluating barriers and signs along a trail where a toddler fell to his death. Two-year-old Giovani ChDavez was hiking with his parents when he ran under a railing and fell. Park officials emphasized that it’s up to parents to decide whether or not a hiking trail is safe for their children. (USA Today, 5-29-2008)

Boy Scout Collapses While Hiking
In Chillicothe, Ohio, preliminary autopsy reports suggest a boy scout who collapsed during a hike Saturday night died from heat exhaustion. Payden Sommers, 11, collapsed while hiking with a troop in Tar Hollow State Park. Further reports will investigate whether the child had any underlying heart problems. (USA Today, boy6-24-2008, p. 9A)


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