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Fire Deaths Blamed on Space Heaters
In Pelion, South Carolina, officials were blaming an increase in fire related deaths in the state on the use of space heaters. State fire marshal John Reich says a combination of the colder weather and the bad economy is causing people to use more dangerous methods to heat their homes. A woman and four children died in a mobile home fire over the weekend, and 15 had died overall in January, the most the state has seen in one month since December of 2005. (USA Today, 1-27-2009, 4A)

Two Girls Killed in Fire
In Ringling, Oklahoma, three people died in a house fire that was likely caused by an alternate heating source. The state fire marshal’s office reported that space heaters, an electric oven and an electric stove top were all used as heat sources. Two adolescent girls were killed in the fire, a 13-year-old and her 11-year-old sister — along with an older male relative. The exact cause of the fire was still being investigated. (USA Today, 1-6-2009, p. 6A)

Baby Saves Family From Fire
In Chelsea, Oklahoma, a 14-month-old girl is credited with saving her family and their home from a fire. Nickia Davis says her daughter Lexus let out a “curdling scream” that roused her from her sleep. When she went to check on the girl, she discovered an electric heater in the hallway was on fire. There was only minimal damage to the home. (USA Today, 10-22-2008, p. 6A)

Fact: Space heaters cause approximately 20,000 home fires and 400 deaths in the United States each year, primarily due to their tendency to set ablaze any flammable objects within a 3-foot radius. (Locke, 2011)

1. Susannah F. Locke, “Hot Stuff,” Popular Science, Nov. 2011, p.15

Safety Facts & Statistics Regarding Space Heaters
– Space heaters account for roughly 1/3 of all home heating fires, and more than 80% of related deaths. (Consumer Reports, October 2014, p. 40)

-They remain a common source of burns to hands, especially among kids.

Three-Year-Old Saves the Day
In Oshkosh, Wisconsin, authorities say the quick thinking of a preschooler helped stop the spread of a kitchen fire in a duplex home. They boy spotted the fire and immediately alerted his father. (1/21/2015)

Would your child do the same?  Read your kids our fire safety books to make sure they are up to speed on important safety issues.


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