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A 3-year-old Arizona boy was hit by a truck while playing outside
at a birthday party. The boy apparently ran out into the street while playing among friends and was struck. Several other children at the party witnessed the accident.

The boy was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. He received serious head injuries, but emergency personnel reported he was crying and responsive on the way to the hospital. Doctors later upgraded his condition to stable and expected him to survive. Police arrested the driver of the truck, Toribo Luno, for drunk driving and driving on a suspended license.

There are two aspects of this story that need attention. Obviously,
drunk drivers put everyone in danger, and this should be warning
that they can be out and about at any time of the day. But more
importantly, supervision, supervision, supervision. Most auto-child accidents occur not because children haven’t been taught to look both ways, but because in the midst of their play they forget about cars. And most types of accident spike when parents are distracted or preoccupied-like when visiting with relatives or trying to manage a birthday party. Make sure you have all the supervision you need — even if it means hiring a babysitter to help out.  *Don’t let it happen to your child! Teach your kids more in-depth rules for street safety with the book: ‘How to Not Get Runned Over,’ available for free download.


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