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Philadelphia resident Bill Whiting was up late at night, stewing  over  his  missing  dog,  when  he  received  a horrifying  phone  call.  On  the  other  line  were  children demanding a $600 dollar ransom for Edna, his beloved Beagle mix.

The boy on the other line said that if Bill didn’t pay the ransom, they would kill Edna. Bill listened as the dognappers jingled Edna’s collar in front of the phone, and heard an animal yelping in pain in the background. He agreed to pay the ransom. It’s what happened next which was the most disturbing.

“You don’t understand mister,” the voice on the other end replied.  “I want to kill your dog anyway.”

Philadelphia police have charged a 15-year-old with multiple charges, including harassment, making terrorist threats, theft by extortion, and other counts. They allege he was the voice on the other end of the phone call that night.  Edna  the  beagle remains  missing,  and  what happened to her remains a mystery.


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