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On Feb. 26 our daughter, Jessica, was critically injured in a freak
accident in Midway. Jessica was almost killed in an accident that
should not have happened.

We do not blame anyone, but the accident should send a message to everyone: even if you teach your children about gun or archerysafety, it does not mean other kids have been taught the same lessons.

Don’t think for one minute that just because you have taught your
children the right way that they are safe. A younger child or one
who has not been taught weapon safety may come in contact witha weapon or introduce your child to a situation you may not have planned for.

Please, make sure that if you have weapons of any type in your
house, that both the weapons and the ammunition are safely stored. This includes arrows, BBs, pellets and bullets.

You should also teach your child about weapons safety even if youdo not have any in your home. There are courses available all over Colorado.

Also, teach your children the proper response to an emergency.
Although I am a volunteer firefighter I never gave much thought
to what my child should do in an emergency. Our son acted in the
proper manner throughout our ordeal and had it not been for his
calm demeanor and proper reaction our daughter would not be
here today.

If you are unsure what to teach your children about emergencies,
contact your local fire or police department. I am sure they can
help you get the training your children need.

– Jim and Shawna Miller Midway, Colorado

And of course, we have plenty of materials to teach your children
these safety aspects at www.keepyourchildsafe.org


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