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Police were able to confirm Tuesday that the human bones of two children found days earlier in sugar creek, a heavily wooded area 8 miles outside of Kansas City, are indeed the remains of Sam and Lindsey Porter. Dental records were used to help identify the two children, who were found buried in a shallow grave.

The kids, who were 7 and 8 at the time of their disappearance, had vanished June 5 ‘th of 2004 after being taken by their father for a weekend visitation. He had picked them up at their Independence, Missouri home. They were never seen or heard from again.

Their father, Dan Porter, 44, was suspected of foul play in their
disappearance. Friends and family of the kids had feared the worst when their father was found without any trace of the kids. He gave no indication about their whereabouts, nor provided any clues about what had happened to them. Mr. Porter was convicted in February of 2006 of parental kidnapping with the intent to terrorize his ex-wife, and received a prison sentence of 38 years. He now will likely be charged with first degree murder in the children’s deaths. The children’s mother, Tina Porter, was reportedly in seclusion after the discovery.


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